Spread the Yellow Not the Blue

Wear yellow socks to show you care

Welcome to our blog and we hope you enjoy following us on this journey to raise awareness of loneliness in young people.

With the help of a very special Middlesbrough youngster, Evie – pictured below – who you’ll meet properly and be hearing a lot more from in blogs to come – Safer Communities’ Youth Service has joined forces with the national Lonely Not Alone campaign.

Young people are often lonely – more than any other age group – but they dont usually talk about it because they don’t think other people will understand, or be able to help.

Young people can think loneliness is their fault. But it isn’t.

They can think loneliness will last forever. But it won’t.

It’s hard being lonely, but we’re in this together.

Evie has created her own campaign to spread the message and show people they are not alone. Her Spread The Yellow Not The Blue campaign is already getting huge support amongst youngsters in her community. She’s calling on Teessider’s to get behind her project to remind people they are not alone.

Why yellow socks?

Sometimes, just knowing you’re not alone can help. The idea is build a community of people who care about young people’s loneliness. Yellow socks are an easy way to do this. They’re eye catching, Yellow is a hopeful colour, and socks are semi-hidden like loneliness! When we wander around not looking people in the eye but looking down, maybe we will see that other people care about loneliness, too.

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