Inclusive Communities

We strive to create safe and sustainable communities, enabling people to feel safe, build resilience and provide opportunities for people to engage in a more positive future. Safer Communities deliver the following crime prevention and community safety services:

Fraud Prevention, Call blockers and Scambassadors

We offer free call blockers installed by our team of dedicated volunteers. We receive information from a range of partner agencies who identify potential victims of fraud. Our call blockers prevent any unwanted phone calls from potential fraudsters. 

Friends Against Scams

Friends Against Scams is designed to inspire action, highlight the scale of this growing crime problem and change perceptions of why people fall for scams. We provide awareness raising sessions and to date have created just under 3000 friends against scams. 

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County Durham and Darlington Community Peer Mentors Project

Our Peer Mentor programme aims to make people feel safe and improve the circumstances they have found themselves in as well as reduce the demand on frontline services. We want to support people who feel vulnerable or isolated, due to anti-social behaviour, neighbourly disputes and victims of crime. Our team of trained volunteers provide telephone and face-to-face support, to establish the root cause of the issue and address each client’s individual needs.

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Or call Jim Cunningham – Community Peer Mentor Manager


0300 003 1818


Problem Oriented Policing – Goldstein Award nominee 2019

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