Corporate Support

Businesses are a key partner in creating safe and sustainable communities. We want to explore ways in which we can support business to help us reduce crime and keep people safe whilst at the same time achieving economic growth. 

All of our services are built on successful partnership working. We work with some of the most deprived areas in the country, help us do more and together we can make our communities thrive. Corporate partners can support us in a number of ways, sponsoring an event, donating to our services, fundraising on our behalf or adopting us as your charity of choice, host a networking event at our offices. 

We are open to ideas and would love to work with you. Want to know more get in touch.

Phone: 01642 664440


Funds raised through corporate support will be used to:

  • Develop our programme that support young victims of crime
  • Grow the range of victims services including support for family members
  • Improve facilities in the Sexual Assault Referral Centres
  • Provide clothing and toileteries for victims of rape.

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